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”Only white girl with a ghetto ass and a high fashion titties” - Iggy Azalea


I know damn well us black people are not going to let this girl slide with that line. How she gon say this? Thinking she run Hip Hop with…a ghetto ass? So black girls ass are ghetto now? Okay

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Stop rewarding boys for common sense/decency 2014

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Public on Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes - That’s such a disgrace people invading her privacy! They should all be thrown in jail.

Public on Gabrielle Union’s nudes - Let me go look & retweet them. She’s a celebrity, she knows better than to take nude pics.


So Obama can write a handwritten letter to Joan Rivers’ daughter saying how her mother made him and Michelle laugh (I wonder if this was before or after Joan referred to Michelle as the t-slur) but Obama had no time to call off Ferguson police gassing and shooting rubber/wooden bullets at peaceful protestors?


Petition for Taylor to put that iHeartRadio indie/pop version of Love Story on iTunes pleasseeeeeeeee.

Artist: Taylor Swift


Love Story (iHeartRadio 2014) - Taylor Swift (x)

reblog if you cried (seriously thinking that 1989 is going to be pop like this and if it is, then we are officially going to DIE)